Gift for artist

Deluxe Art Supplies for Artists

Gifts for Artists

This art set box is designed with nature wooden color, simple and elegant.A variety of painting tools to provide you with different painting style experience. THE ESSENTIALS are Wooden Case, Sketching Pads, Drawing Boards, 10 Artist Brushes, 12 Sketching Pencils, Putty Eraser, Wooden Sharpener, 8 Acrylic Paints, Plastic Palette Watercolor Cakes, 28 Watercolor Pencils, 8 Oil Pastels.

Paint Palette for Artists

This paint tray palette is made of light material, making it easy to hold in hands. and tray is made of is of high quality, sturdy, durable, sanitary molded plastic. Palettes have the advantages of firm and durable structure, break-proof, smooth surface, easy cleaning .This material palette is easy to clean whether the paint is dry or wet. This palette is Hole edge polished, comfortable and easy to grasp because of oval shape with curved thumb hole.

Scribbler 3D Pen

Turn your ordinary drawings into 3D works of art with Step less speed slider lets you regulate flow for optimal control of material while you’re drawing with the new update ultrasonic sealed nozzle is nearly clog-proof and provides market leading durability .

Solar Photography Kit

The SunPrint Solar Paper lets you make beautiful pictures by placing objects on the paper and exposing it to the sun. Sunprints encourage an interest in the photographic process using only sun, water, and a bit of imagination.

Sketching Block Printing Starter Kit

The Speedball Super Value Block Printing Starter Kit is perfect for the beginner printmaker and students.The kit has all the essentials to get you started.Block printing starter kit is used to create prints, greeting cards and many other paper crafts. This super value bundle will save you money by not having to purchase each of these products separately

Stylus Pens with Palm Rejection Artist Glove

This elegant stylus is made of Aluminum with a steel clip,gives you real pen feeling. The clear disc tip is perfect for handwriting and drawing mini stylus is easy to carry to everywhere you want.The precision stylus with the exquisite package would be the ideal gift.

Wacom Smartpad – The Digital Notebook

This easily transforms handwritten notes and drawings into digital, sharable files & bridges the divide between analog and digital. You can go ahead, write or draw on your favorite paper You can collaborate, refine and get your ideas moving.t lets you sketch, write and generally work with what Wacom refers to as “visual communication” tools. The Bamboo Splash is nearly the same; in fact, apart from a different application that comes with it — the painting and drawing software AirRage

ARTEZA Oil Paint

You will absolutely love these paints.They are so vibrant and so easy to blend!They also have no odor & they are very smooth and opaque.they are a great starter set with 24 Individual Colors/Tubes with Storage Box, Rich Pigments, Vibrant, Non Toxic Paints for The Professional Artist, Hobby Painters Ideally made for Canvas Painting

Legion Artist Pad Collection

This is a sample of different Legion Papers and you get a full pad of each type. Very versatile for a variety of mediums including: graphite, colored pencils, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, mixed media, ink and more. Top quality at a great price.Set contains 13 Drawing and Watercolor Pads, 9 X 12 inches, for different Assorted Surfaces

Sketching Wallet

If your creative person prefers to keep pencil to paper, have no fear. There is a gift perfect for them that doesn’t involve plugging in a device.Sketching Wallet is small enough to fit in your bag it contains a selection of handy drawing media.