Even if you are already past to Switch, Nintendo’s bygone era of handheld video games, which is kept at home. mind for many interesting projects, deserves your interest. On our site: roms-hub.com you can find an emulator that can support your preferred console games and then download compatible ROMs.

Nintendo’s most recent portable DS console, the New Nintendo 2DS XL, has been released. launched last July 28, and among its main features is also support for all previous Nintendo 3DS and DS video games. The original Nintendo DS will almost certainly be 13 years old, and although it is already 13 years old. visibly obsolete, this console, which proved to be innovative for its time, gave us many unforgettable effects.

Long before smart devices and tablets, most of us carried this device with us to enjoy our favorite games anywhere, anytime. And now, in memory of one of the best mobile game consoles of the past, we have prepared a list of the 25 most superior DS video games life.

Mario Kart DS

Which Mario Kart is the most efficient? The disagreements at this subject do not diminish to; to this day, but they constantly present Mario Kart DS — a game that includes all the best aspects of its predecessors. Did you miss? old tracks from SNES games? They are all gathered here. Want something more than the typical car racing? Enter the mission setting for the amazing goals that Mario Kart missed.

The high point of video gaming has become at some time one of the most problematic. Mario Kart DS contributed the launch of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection solution, allowing people around the world to connect to online races. Plus it was great.

We would definitely like to play; the online variant of Mario Kart today. But the problem of connecting to friend suits and continuous ice creams made this attribute practically ineffective. Unfortunately, the virtual console solution has also not been implemented. able to solve this problem on Wii U, which is why online video games had to to be neglected.

Pokémon Black and White

Many people believe in; wrong that each new Pokemon game is no different from the last. Admittedly, the vital ideas of the first Red and Blue still wander from follow-up to follow-up, but the Pokemon series is gaining some interesting techs and additions to the game. each new video game.

Pokemon White And Black is the epitome of everything that came before it, and so if you’re not sure which side you’re looking for? approaching the franchise, it is best to start with this task, which has in fact imbibed all the most effective of the famous series. Even against the backdrop of the much newer Pokemon Sunlight and also the Moon and Pokemon Go, the big old white and black looks really strong thanks to the big old black and white. the great variety of Pokémon themselves and to a fun story.

New Super Mario Bros.

When New Super Mario Bros. in 2006, it was the first full 2D Mario game since the launch of Super Mario Globe (released in 1991). It is therefore not surprising that thousands (if not millions) of players have been delighted to see Mario returning to; its side-scrolling origins; and also, fortunately, the game responded to all assumptions.

The video game has actually become a great throwback and has become one of Nintendo’s most popular back-end games. The trick to the success of the work was its simplicity. Degrees that initially seemed too simple compared to the same Super Mario Bros. 3, have therefore been meticulously fine-tuned, and their complexity increased regularly as and at as they advanced. This is what allowed New Super Mario Bros. to be a real standard of living.